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Lonely me...

I'm at school all by myself, because Jason went home. *sigh* Oh well, I got caught up on my email, am chatting with Shelby, and am updating my LJ. All is well... as long at I don't forget to sign out of MSN messenger. Last time I forgot and some kid got on and was talking to my friends. *sigh*

Life is.....good. Really! *dances* Yesterday was so wonderful.... I didn't have to go to school OR work. One complete day of what I wanted and needed to do. Actually, I woke up early (7:30) after having a dream, which I won't get into... So, I figured that since I was awake, I'd get started on my day. I did all of my laundry, vacuumed and swept the floors, dusted, unloaded the dishwasher, went through all of my clothes and go rid of some, paid my bills, checked the mail, went on a walk, visited with Michelle, went shopping and found a skirt I've been looking for on sale for $10, read books, listened to good music...... I think that's about it. I feel quite accomplished. :)

Mom is coming up for the weekend to visit Aunt Lori and I, which will be fun. We have a full weekend planne. Plus... I have to work, practice with Trey, go to church, lead worship, probably do something with Emma.... Busy, busy, busy....

Ok, I have to practice the piano before my lesson in an hour, so I'd better get out of here. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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