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It's been awhile....

So, I'm here at the library typing something out really fast before I leave. I'm getting off early because we have a salaried staff meeting on Thursday, so I get comp time. *dances*

Erm....Trey stood me up Saturday night, which kinda suprised me. We were supposed to practice to lead worship Sunday mornining. I waited for an hour and then left. Thankfully I had Shelby with me, otherwise I'd have gotten pretty pissed off. But, I figured it had to have been something pretty important. He's not the type to blow people off like some people I know.... Anyways, he explained what happen on Sunday morning. Although, I wish he would have called me Saturday night and told me why he didn't show up. But, I was nice and let him off easy. *lol* But, if it happens again then I may have to slap him. *nods* Don't you agree, Shelby? :)

Ok, I need to hit the gas station before heading home, so I shall end here. I hope everything is going well for you all. God bless....

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