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Poems about people....

You never do what you say
So I just stopped believing
You never see how it makes me feel
And I never tell you
Is that how it's supposed to be?
It's not completely your fault
But I'm not the only one blame
This childish game we must stop playing
And start having actual conversations
I want to take down my defenses
Without having to worry about being hurt
I'd like to say what's on my mind
Without having to worry about what you'd think
I want to hear what you're really saying
Without having to read beteen lines
I want to be a real friend to you
Without having to wonder if you're mine


Short and sweet
Long and deep
I can can read your mind
Like you read mine
Finishing each others sentences
Reading between the lines
Conversing with our eyes
Almost as if we know each other
Inside and out
Sharing our beliefs
Lending a hand
Giving advice
Being a shoulder on which to cry
I feel as though I can say anything
I know you'll still love me
For who I am


I pray you find a friend in me
Willing to listen
Ready to give
Meeting you half way
Not afraid to speak the truth in love
Keeping you in prayer
Hoping to inspire you
As much as you have uplifted me
Honest in word and deed
Eager to be faithful
Longing to be real
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